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Razh trudged up the steps carved into the side of one of their village crab’s chitinous legs, the warm sea breeze playing with her short, blonde curls. The ancient white crab creaked as it moved ever so slowly through the shallow waters of the inland sea.

Above her were the…

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Chairo’s dad always said there were strange, mystical creatures in the forest behind their house. He’d also said his real father was an elf.

For the first time since she was a little girl, Chairo found herself believing her dad. …

They cut me.

It felt like they were pulling me limb from limb.

They left pieces of me on the ground, as if anyone would go looking for me.

They won’t.

I’ve had brothers and sisters murdered and kidnapped before. No one ever came looking.

I trembled when they came…

Violeta stretched out under the shade of the palm trees and brushed some sand from her tanned stomach. Warm water frothed around her toes, brought in by the gentle waves of the Caribbean Sea. She could hear chattering parrots in the trees and the distant sound of calypso music. …

Foto por Evelin Rayos

Me suicidé el viernes por la noche en la oficina.

Y me desperté el sábado en mi cama.

Al principio, me levanté, me puse mis zapatillas y estaba a medio camino del baño antes de darme cuenta de que algo andaba muy mal. Me congelé en el pasillo y miré…

“All I’m saying is that it was a tad overkill,” Jesse murmured, sipping on the coffee in her cracked mug. She grimaced. The water these days only made awful coffee. She took another swig, anyways.

Zach paused from washing the pot in the white bucket of sudsy water.

“You know…

The creature that stood on the wooden platform may have been a woman at one point, but that was before they had sheared the hair from its head, stripped it of its pride and clothing, and paraded it in front of the townsfolk as they threw rocks. But the creature…

There are three girls on a train. It’s hurtling down the tracks at breakneck speed, swaying back and forth on the metal rails, clanking and creaking as it goes.

One of the girls, a slightly more rounded one than the other two, with short brown hair that sweeps across her…

I killed myself Friday evening in the company office.

And I woke up Saturday morning in my bed.

At first, I got up, shuffled into my slippers, and was halfway to the bathroom before I realized that something was very wrong. I froze in the hallway and looked down at…

When I woke up, there was a voice in my mind, urging me to kill the nurse.

The voice rasped and crackled and urged me to decapitate her, suffocate her, drive the needle into her neck and release air to create an embolism.

I didn’t even know what my name…

Kat Andersson

Storyteller — I turn my life into little pieces of fiction. And I turn fantasy into little pieces of reality.

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